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La Ventana Colombian Restaurant-Miami Beach, FL

This was my first time trying this Colombian restaurant, let alone Colombian food. The only reason I'm giving this place 4 stars is because of the space and the Camarones Al Ajillo dish. The atmosphere is very quaint and has about 7 or 8 tables close together, as well as a featured bar area--along with a few additional tables outside. The music and service were amazing; the servers and manager were very attentive.

We started with a couple strong but good drinks (I'm glad I didn't drive lol): the Mango Mojito and Red Sangria. The presentation for both drinks were beautiful.

For an appetizer, we had the Mi Tierra, which was "A little bit of Colombia". It includes marinated meat, white rice, Colombian chorizo, red beans, avocado, pork belly and a fried egg stacked on top of each other. Both flavor and presentation were absolutely incredible.

For entrees, we chose the Churrasco and Camarones Al Ajillo. Although the Churrasco looked magnificent, it could have been a little more tender. The Camarones Al Ajillo was a Colombian-style shrimp scampi. The sauce was flavorful but it was not my favorite dish. It tasted like the shrimp was cooked in the sauce, versus being seared first then tossed in the sauce. It was very mushy, and I found myself rather disappointed. I should have ordered the recommended dishes.

For dessert, we had the Krack Pie. Let me tell you: the pie....was.. so...GOOD!!! I wish I would have taken a piece home. It was a salted caramel filling on an oatmeal cookie crust, with powdered sugar and fresh vanilla ice cream on the side.

There were both pros and cons.. but overall I would definitely go back to La Ventana again; and I'll be recommending it to all my friends!

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