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Krissy’s Vinagrettes

I know some of you are stuck in the house are tired of cooking. You’re running out of recipe ideas and have called the local pizza shop for delivery 3 times this week. You are going to turn into a pizza! Why don’t you try this black owned spice and marinade company called Krissy’s Vinagrettes. You will not be disappointed.

A few months ago, Krissy launched her line of homemade vinaigrettes and it’s been such a great success. I’ve personally purchased the Greek, Chili Lime and the Maryland’s Finest vinnies. I used the Greek vinnie on a Cornish hen but of course you can use this as a dressing for your salad. The Chili Lime vinaigrette is perfect for “Taco Tuessssddaaaay” in my Lebron James voice. Chili Lime shrimp or chicken (or both) tacos will be a hit. You know the Maryland’s Finest is my favorite because it has old bay in it. You can use it on shrimp, lobster, or toss it with some wings. If you’re not sure what to pair these lovely vinaigrettes with, it’s ok. Krissy was nice enough to add a recipe card with each vinaigrette such as the shrimp and sausage pasta.

Krissy has recently released a line of spices including Caribbean Jerk and Garlic Parmesan. Although I haven’t ordered them yet, I know they will be amazing because they are made with love.



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